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It is common to see planners, managers, coordinators and managers in serious trouble keeping when management required the selection of a software maintenance

The statistical reliability is defined as the probability that an item does not fail, now, if we refer to the asset maintenance engineering, SAE JA1011 tells us that the reliability of an asset is defined by the ...

When speaking for the first time keeping a firm reliance on many comments are generally disappointing, this paper raises a number of points that are considered prerequisites ...

The best EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) of the type SAAS (Software As A Service), contact us to test

Adsum Kallpa in its light is a web CMMS, contact us and request a demo

There are a variety of standards that implicitly speak of reliability, this paper will discuss 3 standards that we consider important:
ISO14224 This international standard was designed by the oil industry...

This paper will briefly discuss the quality management system ISO 9000 and how the maintenance area is enriched by him and vice versa. Cuando se habla de un proyecto de implantación de ISO 9000 y la compañía ya maneja un ... When talking about a project to implement ISO 9000 and the company already operates a ...

It is vitally important to choose a good software to support it in its draft reliability. With the system Adsum Kallpa you can start a maintenance plan based on reliability, step by step. With Adsum Kallpa can implement a maintenance management system that allows you to ...
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